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“Thank you again Carol for opening my eyes to this AMAZING system of riding!”

I went out to give a new client a lesson on her Andalusian stallion at a Julie Alonzo's
place. Kind of a mystery history. He came from a lady, over in Eastern OR. She was
the person with all of the Andalusians and Lusitano's that were just left when she
moved. Anyhow, the gal has owned him for four years. Hasn't really done much with
him since she has been focusing on her family. He started being very pushy and
disrespectful on the ground.  Anyhow, she has been working with him again for a little
while and wants to start taking lessons. He is a kind horse with a very nice personality!
Wants to please. Just a little spoiled at the moment. When I went out there it took me
about 1/2 hour to put his bridle on. Then I did in-hand work with him and flexion's.
WOW! He started to pick it up really fast. His owner, was watching and after I was
done, she was almost in tears. She said she has never seen him be so good and
focused. She said “now I don't have to sell him.” I said “nope.” There is hope!

Yesterday I had a young twelve-year old gal named, Tabitha - her first dressage
lesson. Her mom just bought her a TB mare. CUTE mare! SWEET too. The gal is a
Pony Clubber. She rides with a stiff arm and pulls against her horse a lot. I asked her
what she wanted to focus on that day and she said to get her horse to collect more
and to slow down. I asked her what collection meant to her. Poor kid was so confused.
Sounded like she read it out of a text book. Anyhow, I asked her if she wanted to
simplify what she just said. Then I tried to explain to her that collection happens only
when the horse is supple. So, we did the suppling exercises against the wall that you
showed me. Plus 10 m circles with inside flexion. This of course was after I fixed her
hand and arm position. I had asked her to speak up if she had questions or wanted to
say something. This kid wasn't afraid to ask either. She kept saying this is so different!
No one else teaches like this. The mare automatically stopped pulling and when
allowed to use her neck and whole body her gaits improved 100%! Tabitha said she
felt a little change. However, her mom saw a HUGE difference but I don't know if
Tabitha wants to come back or not.

Then one of my Face Book friends who lives near by was the judge for my benefit
show. She has been following the updates from the clinics. Anyhow, at the show,
while we were talking the topic of her gelding came up. She stated how unhappy he is
in his dressage work and that he’d rather be jumping. She said that she was thinking
of selling him. I mentioned that she should get one of Philippe Karl’s books and/or
videos. A few days passed and I got a message stating that she got one of the books.
I said look at the flexion section! Learn them! USE them! You will be amazed at the
difference. Today I get a message saying that Kalvin(her horse) is a MUCH happier
horse now! More supple. More relaxed. Plus she said that she lifted her hands and
also moved them forward. She said that she is no longer going to sell Kalvin but do a
care lease on him. HOT DOG! I am ONE happy person right now!

Thank you again Carol for opening my eyes to this AMAZING system of riding!

Sarah Kress, Trainer. Eskay Equestrians,Inc. Eugene, Oregon
Reserve Champion 2nd level, IAHLA Championships 2012
“I'll never forget what a cool experience it was for me, when you let me ride
(see home page picture of Norman)

“It is hard to express in words the influence that Carol has had on my riding career.  
Her classical training philosophies and sympathy for the horse are fundamentals I have
carried forward to my every day training.  She has an incredible innate understanding of
how a horse's mind and body work, and she taught me not just 'what' to do, but really to
understand the 'why'.  This creates a thinking rider who truly understands the physical
mechanics of the horse's movement, as well as the mental component to training them.  
And, to me, that is what makes the art of dressage so fascinating!  I will always look up
to Carol, and I know we both share in a true love of horses and the joy that comes from
working with them!”

Adrienne Lyle, 2012 Olympic Dressage Team, London
“…….he is progressing at a rate I never dreamed of.”       

“While Carol McArdle is busy traveling around the country teaching clinics, I am very
fortunate when she is home to have her work with me and my horses. She has more
than generously shared her knowledge and expertise with my horses and myself.
One of the things about Carol is that you have to dig for any information about her
because she never tells anyone about herself or her accomplishments her education or
her expertise; she does not market herself at all!
Just to name a few of the things I think are quite unique about Carol (1) is the fact that
she has trained and competed horses on the world stage in three different disciplines
Eventing, Show jumping & Dressage. (2) She has represented the United States in
many international competitions. (3) Very important also is that Carol has gone on to
study the three main schools of Classical Dressage (French, German and Iberian) and
so she understands the similarities, and the differences between these schools. (4) She
has also been involved in many instructor courses. (5) Most important is that she is a
Superior Teacher of both human and horse.
Consequently she has such a broad base of knowledge as well as experience which we
just don’t find in any other dressage or jumping trainer. Even the big time dressage
trainers and jumping trainers don’t have this kind of education.
In my first lesson, I started by telling her all of my horse's limitations, as had been
described to me by so many past trainers, even internationally know so-called specialists
on biomechanics.  I told her my horse trips, because (according to people who know),
he had a neurological problem in his neck, and that neck was too short, it was set on too
low, he would never be able to "be round", nor would he ever be able to extend his
gaits, on and on the explanations went until I thought I had let her know that my horse
was not ever going to be Grand Prix, but I loved him anyway and hoped she would help
us.  The first words out of her mouth were, "Every horse is born GP, why do you think
your horse cannot do something now that he could do the day he was born?"   … And
then she proceeded to change the way I was riding him and lo and behold he stopped
tripping, he opened his gaits and extended beautifully, he was rounder than he had ever
been (although she said this was not the most important thing, and not something to
work toward in the beginning of his training).  Again and again she shot down all the
limitations I thought my horse had, and proved to me that it was all the way I was
handicapping him by the way I had been taught to ride him.  What a liberating realization
she gave me, and my horse is happy, and so much more rideable than ever, and he is
progressing at a rate I never dreamed of.

I am beyond thrilled to have Carol working with me and my horses, through the correct
knowledge and use of Classical Dressage she has helped heal my horses by showing
and teaching us about importance of balance, biomechanics, body awareness, and just
in general what it 'might' be like from the Horse's point of view. “

Patty Christian, WA
“….Carol is a princess' best friend, and every horse should ask her owner to let
Carol help.”
  Athene (Lusitano mare)

"Hi, my name is Athene CDP, and I'm a young Lusitano mare. My human is one of
Carol's students, and Carol is teaching her to be a better rider, more comfortable for me
and more consistent and clear with her aids. I like that. I used to gnash my bit all the
time, rather than chew it like my human wished I would, until Carol taught us something
called flexions on our first lesson. Within a week, I wasn't gnashing any more, but
chewing nicely. My human says that I have a different relationship with the bit now,
because of the flexions. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm happier because of it.
Also, I'm starting to get white foam in my mouth when my human rides me, and I never
did that before. My human really likes that, and says that the exercises Carol asks us to
do are making me relax.

Now, you need to know that I'm royalty--with the sensitive nature every princess is born
with--but Carol reminds me that I am a WORKING princess. Even though she makes
me behave like a working princess, I love what she asks me and my human to do. The
exercises make me feel very good, something my human calls supple. The other day
when doing those exercises, Carol said that I looked as good as she'd ever seen me.
Those are the kind of words that any princess loves to hear. Carol is helping my human
to ride me the way she must to show off my obvious beauty, and I love Carol for that.
Carol is a princess' best friend, and every horse should ask her owner to let Carol help.
I mean, I'm the living proof of Carol bringing the best out of a horse, even a princess."

By Megan Rust. Dressage rider, pilot, and author.
“…..Carol is in a league of her own.”

"Carol has ridden some of the biggest x-country courses in the world.
She has done it all from Showjumping to Eventing to Dressage and all of it at the
highest levels.
She was an alternate for the Olympic team, long listed, short listed … heck if there was
a medium list she would have been on it too.
She has ridden all types of horses.  She's studied with Olympic riders and at the
Classical Schools and has students who have been Olympic riders.
"She is hands-down the best teacher (and the most qualified) that we have here in the
United States. Not saying that others are not good, just that in my opinion Carol is in a
league of her own.  She is the real deal…. and is a great teacher."

Riz Ilyas, Texas  (“Piaffe Revealed”DVD)