Carol McArdle grew up in Europe riding jumpers
and eventing, and in Germany learning the
"German System" of classical equitation.  
After receiving degrees in Zoology and Science,
she trained under Jim Wofford, Jack LeGoff, and
Bruce Davidson, subsequently returning to
Europe to compete for the USET.  She trained
with Christopher Bartle Yorkshire Riding Center, for several years, moving to pure
dressage under his tutelage in the French
Classical system. Carole competed Grand Prix in
Europe, and was short listed for the World Games
and the Olympics. She was reserve rider for the
Seoul Olympics and long listed for the Barcelona

After competing for many years, Carol focused on
understanding and learning the similarities and
differences between the French, the German, and
the Iberian Classical systems.  She was a student
at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art
in Jerez, Spain in 2003 and was a student of two
of the riders from the Portuguese School of
Equestrian Art.
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Why ʻTir na nÓgʼ
Tir na nÓg for those of you who are unfamiliar
with the term means (in Irish Gaelic) ʻThe Land of
Ever Livingʼ. In Irish mythology it is the land of
faery, a land of magick.
Why did I choose Tir na nÓg for our name?
Firstly, as my heritage is Irish I wish to pay
homage to my ancestors. Secondly, the classical
principles we adhere to in our training philosophy
applies to all horses regardless of type or
discipline, and these principles are everlasting (or
at least they ought to be), and so I take it as my
responsibility to continue to keep them alive by
passing them along. Thirdly, this piece of land on
which sits this little school is literally a piece of
heaven. The original owner was a magician at the
turn of the last century, and it is apparent that he
put an enchantment on this place ... creating a
sacred “thin place” where the veil between this
world and the next is very thin and one can move
freely between them, a place where these
beautiful white horses appear sometimes as
unicorns in the mist ...
© CarolLynn McArdle - Tir na nÓg Dressage