After years of being a student and a teacher so
much of what I have learned has come full circle
to what my first teacher ever told me….

When I was ten years old I had the wonderful
opportunity to learn from a true master
horseman… a man who had been an
army/cavalry officer who had studied with Nuno
Oliveira and been involved in the early USET.  
And although I was far too young and immature
to take in/learn all the technical information he
had to teach me, his philosophy has stayed with
me throughout my life and is more important to
me than at any time before.,

He told me “if you never remember anything else
I tell you, please remember this… a horse without
a rider will always be a horse, but a rider without
a horse is just a person like any other…
and so always ride your horse in such a way as
to glorify him and diminish yourself.  Be like the
wind in the grass, you can’t see the wind but you
can see its effect”
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© CarolLynn McArdle - Tir na nÓg Dressage