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Lessons - Each lesson is tailored to the needs of the horse and student.
Continuing / regular students progress through the work of longing, work
in-hand, basic dressage, dressage consolidation and is developed by each

Training - A limited number of horses are taken in training on an individual
basis, please contact me for parameters •

Clinics - Clinics can be scheduled as individual lessons, or as Intensive
workshop / seminars. Please contact me for details.

Classical Symposiums: “Ghosts of the Masters” Symposiums presenting
history of Classical riding, the philosophies, teachings, and methods of the
masters, and demonstrations of these processes.
Please contact me for details.

Intensive Courses:
Longing - Rider and horse learn correct longing using no artificial aides
Work In-Hand I - Basic work in-hand for the young horse, and as
corrections to the knowledge of the riding horse. Flexions, beginning lateral
movements in walk.
Work In-Hand II - Continuation of basic work in-hand with more lateral
movements and transitions (walk, trot, rein back). Beginning Piaffe
Basic Dressage I - Lesson of the aides, seat training, flexions under
relaxation exercises for the horse to ensure correct development of gaits
and body of horse.
Basic Dressage II - Transitions, walk and trot
Dressage Consolidation I - Transitions, canter and flying changes
Dressage Consolidation II - Work in Piaffe, Passage, Pirouette and
Spanish Walk